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There are two new ways to support the Indian River Festival this fall!

Comfort and Joy: The Indian River Festival Cookbook

Indian River Festival board members, volunteers and musicians have contributed their favourite recipes to create the "Comfort and Joy" Cookbook. All proceeds from this fundraising cookbook will go directly towards improving the comfort of our Festival audience...perhaps new seat cushions for the pews! These make excellent gifts or souvenirs!

CLICK HERE to purchase your cookbook online!

Your chance to win an original Toller Cranston painting!

Most people, when they hear the name Toller Cranston, think of Toller, the figure-skater…but Toller is an artist on the canvas as well as the ice. For over 50 years, his artwork has been exhibited in over 400 prestigious gallery shows around the world.

Toller has generously donated a 12 x 12” painting (valued at $1650) to Indian River Festival and you have a chance to win. The draw will take place on Friday, November 14th on CBC Radio 1, PEI.

1 for $20, or 3 for $50

Buy Single Tickets Online


Buy 3-pack of Tickets Online


From Robert Kortgaard, Artistic Director

Greetings.... Another great summer of music making is planned for 2014! I never tire of answering the questions frequently asked of me as I travel around the country and interact with music lovers of all stripes.... "how are things coming along for Indian River?". "What are the high-lights of the season?", they want to know. Always a tough question. To bring the very best of the best to our faithful audience is always our aim,and each year the amazing variety of musical styles for all musical tastes is a wonder to behold. Our top priority is to present musical excellence that is respectful of the unique acoustic qualities of our cherished venue. I've yet to meet a musician who has not been thrilled by the ease with which they can communicate the most intimate, delicate moments of their musical scores. I am thrilled to see the line up of talent and personalities we are looking forward to presenting this season. Each year, with the help of countless contributors, we seem to be upholding our reputation for providing a truly meaningful Indian River Festival experience for so many. The music itself is obviously a big part of it, but, as always, beautiful and historic St Mary's and the surrounding countryside, plus the warmth and hospitality of the Prince Edward Islanders in the area, make for an unforgettable experience. There's so much to do and see in this wonderful Malpeque Bay region, and so much great music going on down that little country road that leads to our astoundingly beautiful venue. We invite you to come and spend a few days with us this summer. You'll never forget your Indian River Festival experience!


Robert Kortgaard

The Indian River Festival was the recent recipient of the Music PEI Award for Achievement in Classical Music. We are delighted to be recognized for our efforts to present the finest in classical music and artists and we will continue that commitment to excellence in 2014.

Recent Press Reviews

"In my life, I have oft been present in a theatre or other venue when standing ovations have been proferred by an audience as the sincerest form of appreciation said audience could offer to performers who have entertained them, and perhaps moved them and touched them during the preceding couple of hours. The standing "O" should be a rare and special appreciation, reserved for very special tributes to artistry on stage. It is cheapened when it becomes a sort of Pavlovian response, due on every occasion, almost demanded from an audience as a ritual of attendance. And I have been present on occasions when it was undeserved, when the performance on stage was pedestrian to the point of boredom. But I have seldom participated in a standing "O" as spontaneous, as prolonged and so richly deserved as the one that erupted when the last notes of Carmina Burina faded away in the glorious ambience of St. Mary's Church at Indian River on the evening of July 3. It is a remarkable and joyful thing to have the spirit lifted and caressed by a work of true artistic merit and worth. That is what happened communally that evening as the Indian River Festival launched its summer season."

Jack MacAndrew, The View From Here

"This summer-long event at a French Gothic church near the western PEI town of Kensington may have the best collection of musicans of any small festival in the country. There's a strong emphasis on the voice, with visits by sopranos Isabel Bayrakdarian, Nathalie Paulin and Suzie LeBlanc; baritone Peter Barrett; cabaret singer Patricia O'Callaghan; Punjabi ghazal singer Kiran Ahluwalia; vocal ensemble musica intima and Cape Breton singer-songwriter J.P. Cormier. There are also performances by the Gryphon Trio and a versatile supporting ensemble anchored by pianists Peter Tiefenbach and Robert Kortgaard, who steers the whole thing as artistic director."

Robert Everett-Green, Globe and Mail, June 2007

"St Mary's Church in Indian River, PEI is quite simply the best place to hear live classical music performed in Atlantic Canada."

Adrian Hoffman, CBC host and producer

A world of fine music, classical, jazz, maritime and world, is to be found at the Indian River Festival, held annually through July and August at St. Mary's Church, located in beautiful, picturesque Prince Edward Island (PEI). We are proud to say this is the 13th Anniversary of the Indian River Festival and we invite music lovers from all over the world to PEI, St. Mary's Church and truly a most spectacular music festival. Here at the Indian River Music Festival you will experience the cream of our local PEI and maritime performers as well as international, classical and jazz artists performing in the near-perfect acoustical setting of St. Mary's Church, designed by famed PEI architect, William Critchlow Harris, over a century ago.

You are invited to peruse the Indian River Music Festival catalog of fine concert offerings for this season. Make your selections and purchase your choices online. You may book using your Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover card through Paypal, a name you can trust. We also invite you to consider membership in the Indian River Festival and some of our exciting music festival packages as well as a visit to the historic venue of the music festival, St. Mary's Church.

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Featured Concerts

2014 Featured Concerts
Richard & Lauren Margison

Jan Lisiecki

Wailin' Jennys

The Once

David Myles

Quartetto Gelato

Patricia O'Callaghan